Ron at the Tambopata Research Center, Amazon Jungle, Peru.

Ron Elgas, Psychic Reader

I have been psychic since childhood and was lucky enough to have a mother who was very spiritual and accepting. She had me meet and be trained by some gifted healers and spiritualists of the day. When I was young, I assumed I would become a healer but spirit had a different plan. I served in the Navy and later became a contractor and built custom homes in California. This gave me time and money to study with some amazing spiritual teachers and to travel to ancient sights on the planet that helped open up inner doorways within me. During this time, I became a Minster and did readings for charity and friends. In my mid thirties. I married Ro and got my son Gideon in the bargain (the best thing that ever happened to me).

When I was 40, my wife, son and I moved to Sedona, Arizona, with no intention of changing my career but again spirit had a different plan. During a series of interesting events, I began to do readings professionally. That was the beginning of a new chapter. In retrospect, I see the first 40 years of my life as basic training.

With the gift of seeing, it would have been easy for me to hide in a cave and meditate. (At times this seemed like a good idea). By struggling through my fears, life has given me an understanding and compassion that has helped in my readings.

As a psychic, I see between worlds, I see the patterns, past & future and the potential within. I can tell my clients about the people in their lives and what is in their future. Most importantly, I let others see that through our beliefs we have created this future and therefore we have the opportunity to change it. We are the manifesting being of spirit and we are learning to play and create in this world.

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